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Preventative Actions

Ideals and Values

The values on which we are based are important for everyone in our Cambridge House family.

Mission (What our goals are):

Developing the essential values in students that define us as a school, forming the student in a holistic manner and helping them achieve their maximum potential.

Specific mission: Maintaining a family atmosphere to look after the well being of everyone involved in our educational community, working in a warm and congenial way.

Economic mission: Investing in the quality of education, training, services and facilities.

Vision (What we want to be):

To be an educative community with international projection and enthusiastic professionals who enjoy teaching, developing a quality education and preparing the students for innovative challenges within a warm, family atmosphere.


Our school is full of life, energy, iniciative and enthusiasm. We are fully dedicated to the activities in which we participate.



We are attentive and generous with others, we are never to busy to do a favour. We grow and have fun while creating a caring, relaxed and secure environment.


Community Spirit:

We cooperate and work together in a faithful and dedicated way, each one of us always does our part. We work together to make our school a success and for this reason we feel truly part of our school.



We are all curious, in other words we seek out new experiences and engage in new activities in an energetic way.



We take on challenging projects and we finish them with dilligence and a positive attitude. In this way we are always true to our word ,and in some situations offer even more of ourselves.