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Message from our Founder

Cambridge House is fortunate in having developed slowly and continuously over the first 28 years, being entirely teacher managed and enjoying complete independence from non-teaching shareholders/governors.

As a teacher I feel very privileged to have been able to realise a dream common to many educators: that of founding my own school and being able to put into practice my own ideals regarding learning and the development of youngsters. Many people comment on the outstanding achievements of the school given a relatively short time span and its humble beginnings. 

Tracy Ibberson

School Founder


Staffing has always been my priority and I have been fortunate in being able to count on a team of well-experienced colleagues who share my love of children and find work in class deeply satisfying. This shared responsibility, together with an open collegiate managerial approach, has ensured that we attract and retain an excellent teaching team and create the special, caring home of a school which forms part of our mission statement.

Communication with parents has always been open and informative. We operate a policy of ‘access and transparency’; encouraging parents into school. There are ‘voluntary parents’ who work daily in the school, alongside their own children and regular visits are welcome, to have lunch or a chat with staff.