Beyond the classroom


At Cambridge House Community College we prepare our students to face the challenges of tomorrow, today. A preparation that goes beyond the strictly academic, in which extracurricular activities, summer camps, formation by values, language immersion opportunities abroad, outings and excursions play a very important role. These activities allow them to explore and discover the wider world and share unforgettable experiences with their peers.

Cambridge House organises its summer camps during the month of July; a different way to enjoy the summer while children improve their English with native English speakers.

Cambridge House offers a wide range of extracurricular activities to complement its curriculum in the academic, sporting and artistic/creative fields.

At Cambridge House we are proud of being a strong, united school community committed to local and global challenges.

Being part of Globeducate offers our students access to unique opportunities for true global readiness. Throughout the academic year, Globeducate regularly organises events involving the entire network of students and teachers of the group, bringing together people from different parts of the world.

As members of Globeducate, our students are able to study for an academic year at Stonar School in England, one of our Globeducate British International Schools.

At Cambridge House Community College we also offer English courses for children and adults, to learn or improve your English.