Extracurricular activities


In line with the school’s values and educational philosophy, Cambridge House offers a wide range of extracurricular activities to complement its curriculum in the academic, sporting and artistic/creative fields. These activities are aimed at both students and external students from four years of age and upwards. It also offers English courses at all levels for external students from 17:00 in the afternoon.

For several years Cambridge House has had a Music Academy known as the CYM – Center for Young Musicians, where we offer a wide variety of music study programs in order to improve the musical education and enjoyment of our students.

Every year we have the pleasure of enjoying the recitals of the students of our Academy and we are proud to know that we are responsible for their musical training and progress: You are invited to enjoy our recitals in December and June!

We have an extensive study program that ranges from Reception to Y13 so that our students receive a quality musical education throughout their stay at our school. The study program is not rigid but it gives rise to several options. The proposal that we have come to after many years of experience is as follows:

  • Reception:Musical initiation I
  • Year 1:Musical initiation II
  • Year 2 y 3: Musical language through the instrument.
  • Year 4-13: Individual instrument + Musical theory ABRSM

The students who follow this program are examined by the ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music), with which they can obtain points that will help them enter English and some European universities since the ABRSM exams are recognized worldwide.

This year our students continue to enjoy the specialties of piano, guitar, violin, drums, singing, saxophone and musical ensemble with our experienced teachers, who ensure that our academic offer is attractive and enriching regardless of whether they take the exam or not.

General and specific objectives:

  • Enjoyment of learning and exploring the expressive and technical possibilities of the instrument.
  • Exploring  the repertoire, learning about the different styles, musicians and most important composers of your instrument.
  • Learning basic notions of Musical Language that allow them to get the most out of their instrument.
  • And above all, the enjoyment playing: Music is food for the soul!

Judo is one of the favorite martial arts of children. They develop their physical and mental capacities and improve their fitness while learning important values ​​such as companionship or respect for others.

Karate can be very useful as a method of self defense, karate is one of the most physically and mentally complete sports for your children. Boys and girls have fun while learning discipline, tolerance, and respect and fostering bone and muscle development.

Soccer is one of the best activities and helps with the following: The cardiovascular system, balance and strengthening bone structure.

It is a sport that keeps children in constant movement, so it provides important physical and intellectual benefits to children. Because it is a team sport it also helps develop children’s  social skills.

School Soccer:
Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. In many places, like Europe or South America, soccer is much more than a game, it is a lifestyle. More and more children are enrolling in soccer schools with the goal and dream of becoming a star of the so-called ‘beautiful sport’. Every year there are more fans and girls are also gaining ground in this discipline.

Rugby (Tag):
Respect and companionship are two of the values ​​that this sport promotes in children.

Tennis is a sport that is gaining more and more followers in people of all age groups. It is a very complete activity recommended for children, adolescents and adults. Practiced individually: player against player, or in doubles: two against two, tennis is a discipline that favours the physical development of children, while at the same time developing their social skills.


Painting is an artistic manifestation of a visual nature that uses a set of techniques and materials to capture, on a given surface, a graphic composition according to certain aesthetic values

Rhythmic gymnastics:

Rhythmic gymnastics is a sporting activity that promotes coordination and muscular strength. Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that combines ballet, dance and gymnastic movements with the use of various elements such as maces, balls, tape, rope and hoops.


Ballet is a classical dance whose performance takes place as a group. One of the benefits of ballet is the profound development of the entire musculature of the body.


Robotics is the science and technology that is involved in the design, manufacture, and use of robots. A robot is a machine that can be programmed to interact with objects and make it mimic, in a certain way, human or animal behavior.


Chess is a scientific game that favors the exercise and development of various mental abilities in addition to the formation of scientific thought, since those who play it are subjected to a constant testing of hypotheses that they must verify or discard. Games like chess, by challenging the brain, stimulate the growth of dendrites. These are responsible for sending the signals emitted by neurons. Therefore, the greater the number of dendrites, the neuronal communication in the brain improves and becomes faster.


VILIMI IDIOMAS have been dedicated exclusively to the teaching of French for almost 30 years . In collaboration with VILIMI we offer you a dynamic, enjoyable and effective method of learning the language,which is open to all. The professional background of VILIMI and their excellent results achieved in the DELF official exams show the strength of their teaching method. It is one based on Vocation, passion and responsibility.

After many years of working with VILIMI  in summer camps in France, we have decided to offer preparatory classes for the DELF offical exam to our students here in Spain.

The following levels will be available A1,A2,B1 and B2.


There are many reasons to learn German, and here we want to present the most convincing ones. After English, German is the most widely used language in the scientific and technological world. If you want to work or study in the world of science and technology, it is a good reason to learn German. But not only are many scientific and technological texts in German,  philosophical, journalistic and cultural ones are too. According to some studies, German would rank second in terms of number of web pages, above Spanish and French, which would be another reason to learn German. German is the most widely spoken language in Europe by number of native speakers. German is in fashion, it is a language of the future, and it provides great job opportunities. Learning a new language like German can be a big challenge. Once you have mastered the language you will be able to enjoy endless works of literature, music and even cinema. Cambridge House offers a wide range of exams and degrees. All exams correspond to a level within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR), which is the international standard that defines language competence. For the German exam at GOETHE, we offer exams for all levels from level A1 to C2.


It is proven that learning Mandarin Chinese allows us to work in greater depth, since we exercise both hemispheres of the brain. Mandarin is in fashion, it is the language of the future, and provides many job opportunities.. Mandarin Chinese is the second language in many Asian countries, it makes you a very attractive candidate for Spanish companies and the rest of the world that works with China. China has become an increasingly important investor in Spain. Also, Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, spoken by more than 1 billion native people. Learning a new language like Mandarin can be a big challenge. But our teachers do it with a methodology that allows students to enjoy the classes and never get bored.

English Advanced C1

Advanced is one of the Cambridge English qualifications. It is a high-level qualification, which shows that you have the language skills that companies and universities are looking for. More than 8,000 educational institutions, companies and official bodies around the world accept C1 Advanced as proof of high performance in learning English. Preparation for C1 Advanced helps you obtain the language skills necessary to develop to the fullest both in your studies and at work and gives you the opportunity to live in English-speaking countries. The C1 Advanced qualification shows that you can:

  • Follow a university-level academic course.
  • Communicate effectively at an administrative and professional level.
  • Participate with ease in work meetings, classes and academic seminars.
  • Express yourself with a high level of fluency.