Formation by values


At Cambridge House we are proud of being a strong, united school community committed to local and global challenges. At our school, educational excellence transcends classroom learning, promoting activities and initiatives that complement curricular content. We want our students to become socially aware and committed to the issues of the 21st century, encouraging them to dedicate time and effort to caring for the world around them.

Cambridge House Community College is proud to offer The Duke of Edinburgh International Award.

The Prize

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is the the most important global award for young people, mixing practical experiences and life skills while preparing young people for the future. Since its foundation in 1956 by his highness the Duke of Edinburgh (the husband of Queen Elisabeth II of the United Kingdom), more than 8 million young people from 140 countries and territories have participated in the prize. Schools, universities, businesses, youth groups such as the scouts, girl scouts and girl guides, young offender institutions, religous organizations, sports clubs and many more have participated in the competition. Cambridge house is proud for our students from 14 to 25 years old to participate. Our coordinator is Steve Kirby.

What does it involve?

The prize is voluntary, non-competitive, fun, balanced and requires effort and consistency for a determined period of time. It consists of 3 levels: Bronze ,Silver and Gold. Young people design their own programme, establish their own goals and register their progress. They choose a public service, a physical recreative activity, a skill, an adventurous expidition or to reach the gold level they carry out a residential project. They are only in competition with themselves, challenging their own perceptions of what they are capable of.

You can find more information about The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award at You can get more information at The Award on Facebook, Twitter  and on YouTube.

For more information regarding the Prize in Cambridge House Community College, please get in contact with Steve Kirby, The Duke of Edinburgh?s Award Coordinator (e-mail:

The Model United Nations (MUN) is an simulation of the United Nations for students.

MUN has as an objective the education of participants regarding current events, themes of international relations, diplomacy and the agenda of the United Nations.

The participants acts as diplomats who represent a nation or NGO in a simulated session of the UN council, such as the security council or the general assembly.

The participants research a country, assume roles as diplomats then research international questions, debate, deliberate and later develop solutions for world problems.

Cambridge House students have had the opportunity to participate in the Model UN since 2013 in sessions held in Valencia, Madrid, Oporto and Barcelona.

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The European Youth Parliment is an educative programme.

Since 2004, the European Youth Parliament has involved young people from virtually all European countries in its activities.

The European Youth Parliament is one of the largest organisations for non-formal political education in Europe.

Cambridge House students have actively participated every year in European Youth Parliament since 2012 in Valencian, National and International sessions across Europe including Holland, Ireland and Germany.

For further information here.

Uniting children from different schools in Valencia through competitve sport.

Our Philosophy

The principal aim of the VIS Cup (Valencia International Schools) is to unite students from different schools within a competitive sporting environment – while promoting key values such as fair play, teamwork and positive application.

We have four scheduled competitions scheduled on the calendar Basketball, Football, Athletics and Swimming. However, we also offer the opportunities to play friendly competitions in Volleyball and Hockey.

The tournament has evolved over the recent years where a Valencia representative team has been selected in basketball and football to play against teams from Madrid and Barcelona.

If you wish to participate more actively in our school there is no better way than joining in with our activities and forming part of our community.

Educational Meals

These are educational spaces for parents and family of our students that the school management has provided since 2008 in coordination with Trinidad Mut (the school psychologist). In previous years they have been called Parent’s school, educational coffees or educational talks. Sometimes we invite guests with professional experience to give talks, although generally the talks are organized and given by our school’s psychologist.

How it works:

Attend punctually at 14.45 at the school dining hall,entering by the cafeteria. The tables are set up for the parents who have signed up( maximum attendance is 50 in the hall or up to 70 in a class)

We eat for 40 minutes. There are many parents who know each other and meet up to enjoy the meal, this is an excellent opportunity to get to know each other or the parents of your child’s friends.

At the end of the meal the educational part starts: Parents are guided to the hall where the the talk about the chosen theme begins-along with a good coffee for those who want one. In the talk often there are short movies mixed in that help us understand the theme better. Finally there is a round of questions and an opportunity to share their reflections.

The talk lasts approximately an hour (until 5 in the evening) and depending on the questions or level of participation it can go on longer. We also understand some parents need to leave a little earlier and are free to do so discreetly (although children are attended perfectly until 17h and after that hour we also have a playroom service)

Warning: The normal bus schedule continues for children , if you wish to change the normal procedure it is very important to send us an email to ,the same day before 14h saying that you will be attending the dinner and that your children will not be going by bus.

Volunteer parents

At the beginning of each school year the school puts its volunteer parents programme into action (from year 1 to year 4) To this end, at the end of september we hold an infromative meeting. Here we have our first contact and we decide what path we want to follow and in what way parents can collaborate (as well as fill in the application form).

Your collaboration is weekly or forthnightly depending on the needs of the teacher. The programme begins in November and finishes in May. The term to sign up finishes on november first.

It is important to point out that you cannot collaborate in the same class as your children (you can in a parallel class of the same course).

Teaching experience isn’t necessary to become a Volunteer Parent. It involves collaborating with teachers in certain academic activities such as reading, sciences, crafts, school events (Carnival,Toy Fair ,Book Fair) and in school outings.

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Cambridge House has always been a school that tries to install the values of solidarity in our students.

The Malima School and Cambridge House

Given that all children deserve and have the right to a decent education, for the last 14 years we are commiteted to helping with the education of the children of Gouria in the very north of Cameroon. Little by little we helped them construct a school and we have continued helping them by organizing Christmas lotteries, toy fairs etc.. During these 14 years we have built 9 classrooms, brought electricity to the village, dug a well to provide clean water all year round and organized literacy courses for adults among other projects.

During their time in Cambridge House your children will participate in our events every year,but there is another very special way you can help as a family: You can sponsor one of our children in Africa. Every year there are 35 children who need our help.

Sponsorship Programme:

This is aimed at those parents of Cambridge House who are unaware of this project and who might be interested in sponsoring a child in Africa and following their progress, watching them grow and prosper, just like your own children.

Sponsoring costs 12 euros a month and parents recieve photos and projects from your sponsored child as well as a school bulletin with information about the progress of the project, and when they are older their school reports.

Our first students from 16 years ago and the children of the families that sponsored them are now in University. We believe we have provided them with the opportunity for a better life.

Proyecto Malima website

An unforgettable journey that helps students get to know themselves while helping others.

The group has been working since 2011 when Katie (who has been part of the HCPT since 1996) formed it in our school.

HCPT is a British organization that takes disabled children, children with problems and those with terminal illnesses to Lourdes every Easter. For more information about the organization please consult the page:

During this week the children work together with English groups helping to look after and entertain the children. Currently we work with groups from Merseyside, the midlands ,Scotland and the armed forces.

Katie Houghton – Group Leader

Mari Carmen Sánchez – Deputy Group Leader