International events


Being part of Globeducate offers our students access to unique opportunities for true global readiness. Throughout the academic year, Globeducate regularly organises events involving the entire network of students and teachers of the group, bringing together people from different parts of the world, both online and in person.

These events are organised into three areas: Globeducate Events, Globeducate Agenda and Learning Communities. This approach allows everyone to see how different events link to create the best possible experiences for our students all over the world; to celebrate our own and each other’s successes in community and to inspire each other.

Globeducate Events:

This United Nations simulation event is fantastic for developing public speaking and negotiation skills. It has motions linked to UN priorities. Each participant represents a country in the United Nations. Debates about key global issues to promote skills of conflict resolution and critical thinking.

Students aged 13 to 14 compete in this event and work in teams, with collaborative learning opportunities and using English as the common language. Subjects featured in the Games include science, maths, computer science and language.

This festival is open to all ages and is a platform to showcase each school’s musical talents. Students will also work collaboratively towards a concert which forms part of the event closing ceremony.

This sporting event promotes health, physical wellbeing and sporting skills. The host school will develop a programme to encourage and showcase team skills and a variety of sporting skills. Typically, some of the sports featured will be connected to local traditions or environment, and teams are often mixed between schools.

Students aged 5 to 18 will take part and submit entries linked to themes associated with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Genres include: Painting, Sculpture, Photography, English Poetry and English Narrative.

Our school takes part in Globeducate Agenda events such as: Student Leadership Conference, WWF Quiz, Eco Week and WWF Wear it Wild. All Globeducate schools are on the journey to achieving Eco-School status and have Eco-School  councils which organise events and campaigns.

Globeducate schools are involved in a number of learning communities such as Outdoor Learning, Reading Community and STEAM. During the school year, our students and teachers take part in events such as World Book Day, Outdoor Classroom Day and UNESCO World Science and STEAM Day.