Summer camps

Cambridge House School in Valencia is offering a summer camp full of novelties. The Summer School 2022, aimed at children aged between three and 14, will take place between 27th June and 29th July at the school’s facilities in Rocafort. In addition to fun and enriching activities, the Cambridge House Summer School offers a canteen service, transport and extended hours to help families reconcile work and family life even more.

Activities from the age of three

For the youngest children, from the age of three, our traditional Summer School will continue to offer science, art, computing, cooking, music and sport, all in English, as the summer camp is taught by native English-speaking teachers from the school. As a new feature, every Friday Cambridge House will become a large cultural centre open to families as well, where children will perform their own plays, musicals, exhibit their artwork and prepare delicious recipes.

Activities from the age of 10

For older children – from the age of 10 upwards – we have designed weekly workshops specialising in cooking, design and dressmaking, modern dance, hip hop, funky and analogue and digital photography, where they can give free rein to their creativity and ingenuity. Also, on Fridays there will be exhibitions open to families, with dance demonstrations and fashion shows, all enlivened by the recipes of our young chefs.

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