Cambridge House Summer School 2022

Once again, our Summer School has been a great success. For five weeks we have had the pleasure of continuing to offer our summer course in English and intensive Spanish classes for all those foreign students who have come to learn our language.

As many of our students come back to us every year, we have incorporated new activities to keep them motivated and enthusiastic. As always we have reinforced all areas of learning but in a more enjoyable way and adapted it to the summer, incorporating water games and experiments, using our paddling pools.

Depending on age and level, the course is distributed differently but they all have science classes (practical first and then theory in groups) robotics, computer science through educational platforms, music, art, maths and sport. Additionally they have cooking in our kitchen facilities.

Every Friday we hold assemblies so every group can show their classmates what they have learnt during the week, while having the benefit of learning from others and losing stage fright surrounded by friends, classmates and teachers. This year, as a novelty, they have performed musical performances that have left us all astonished with their quality.

For our older students, we offered weekly workshops and the cooking workshop was a great success. Thanks to the teacher, a professional in the hospitality sector, and our specialised cooking facilities, the students have learnt the theory and practical preparation of traditional recipes from different autonomous communities.

It has been amazing to see the great team work they have done and that they have been able to taste all the dishes they have made, inviting the rest of the students on the last day to enjoy their culinary project at the end of the summer.

This Summer School 2022 has been as always a great success, and we hope to be able to surprise our students next year. Happy summer!


Our Brighton trip

For yet another year, Cambridge House has organised a trip to Brighton for external students from the centre. This trip gives them the opportunity to improve their English and experience real daily life hosted by carefully chosen English families. Since they arrived in Brighton it was non-stop. They had English classes in the mornings at a school, and they carried out cultural and fun activities in the afternoons.

They toured the wonderful city of Brighton and went bowling one night. They were in Preston Park where they held sports day, visiting places like the incredible cliffs of Seven Sisters, Lewes Castle and Anne of Cleves’ house.

And of course, they were at a great party with hundreds of international students. Although without a doubt, what impacted them the most was our trip to London, where we really enjoyed sightseeing and learning the history of the city.


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