IGCSE Spanish Literature Seminar

On Wednesday 1st December, the English School of Valencia held its traditional IGCSE Spanish Literature Seminar with Year 10 families where Concha Cruz and Esther Montalt, 

Through this seminar they were informed about which works they should read: “Historia de una maestra” by Josefina Aldecoa; “Luces de Bohemia” by Ramón Valle-Inclán, “La ciudad de las bestias” by Isabel Allende and “La verdad sospechosa” by Juan Ruiz Alarcón as well as when and how they will work on them over two school years (Y10+Y11). 

We explained what the exam consists of: its different components (paper 1 and paper 3), its duration, the expectations and objectives of each of the different grades. We also went on to explain how the evaluation of literary essays works and its purpose: to demonstrate that, in addition to having a mastery of the literary work and the Spanish language, the student has to expose a critical thinking about it in a text of their own creation that must follow very specific guidelines such as a thesis, three arguments and a conclusion, using quotations from literary works.

In order for the families to understand how their sons and daughters feel about this situation, and after showing them a couple of real questions from previous exams, they were given a practice exercise: they were given a poem by Gloria Fuertes entitled “La casa de enfrente”, and were encouraged to answer the question posed. 

With this practical exercise they were able to see how difficult this subject is, as there is no single valid model answer, but it is also a question of intellectual effort and mental maturity in order to achieve the final objective of the subject and the IGCSE. Many parents found that concentration and silence is important for the comprehension of the text, in the case of our assistants they blamed the basketball team, who were training on the indoor court, for their results. “Interesting reaction coming from the daddies”.

“As a department, we realise the need and importance for families to know perfectly what their sons and daughters are going to have to face and, after each edition of this seminar, this is corroborated,” the speakers commented.

“We would like to thank all the families for the great reception of this seminar, as well as the high level of participation and attendance. We hope that in future editions we will not have any type of restriction to be able to share, once again, this experience that helps you to know first hand the reality that your sons and daughters have to face in the IGCSEs”, add Concha and Esther.

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