Nadiya project

Sixth Form student launches the Nadiya project to help Ukrainian people

At Cambridge House we pride ourselves on challenging our students, taking them beyond their comfort zone and challenging them to be the best version of themselves, and to become global and committed citizens, capable of changing the world. And our student Borja Jiménez, a Baccalaureate student, is a clear example of commitment, solidarity and effort.

At just 17 years of age, he is the creator and promoter of the Nadiya project, which means “Hope” in Ukrainian. The origin: the need to do something about the brutal conflict between Russia and Ukraine that began last February. Nadiya was born with the aim of facilitating the donation of resources to the people of Ukraine affected by the war and promoting hope and compassion for humanity.

His dedication and commitment, together with the cooperation of the Hefame Foundation, have allowed the development of a wonderful project with which our student Borja Jiménez hopes to contribute his bit to help for the common good, and the fight for the welfare and salvation of the Ukrainian population. In a short period of time he has managed to raise 10.000€.

Discover the full story and how Cambridge House has inspired him to make this project a reality in the following video:

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