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Equivalency table: Education Systems

We are a British school, we follow the English National Curriculum and obtain equivalency with the Spanish education system.

The following table shows equivalencies between the British and Spanish education systems. Upon finishing year 11 our students recieve the accreditation for the Spanish Secondary title (ESO), while upon finishing year 13 they obtain the accreditation for the Spanish Bachillerato.

For the rest of the courses there is no need to carry out any external homologation.

British system Key Stage Ages Spanish System
Nursery FoundationStage 3-4 1er curso 2º Ciclo Educación Infantil
Reception Foundation Stage 4-5 2º curso 2º Ciclo Educación Infantil
Year 1 Primary Education KS1 5-6 3er curso 2º Ciclo Educación Infantil
Year 2 Primary Education KS1 6-7 1er curso Educación Primaria
Year 3 Primary Education KS1 7-8 2º curso Educación Primaria
Year 4 Primary Education KS2 8-9 3º curso Educación Primaria
Year 5 Primary Education KS2 9-10 4º curso Educación Primaria
Year 6 Primary Education KS2 10-11 5º curso Educación Primaria
Year 7 Secondary Education KS3 11-12 6º curso Educación Primaria
Year 8 Secondary Education KS3 12-13 1er curso Educación Secundaria
Year 9 Secondary Education KS3 13-14 2º curso Educación Secundaria
Year 10 Secondary Education KS4 14-15 3er curso Educación Secundaria
Year 11 Secondary Education KS4 15-16 4º curso Educación Secundaria
Year 12 Secondary Education KS5 16-17 1º Bachillerato
Year 13 Secondary Education KS6 17-18 2º Bachillerato