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 Malima Foundation

Cambridge House has always been a school that tries to install the values of solidarity in our students.

The Malima School and Cambridge House

Given that all children deserve and have the right to a decent education, for the last 14 years  we are commiteted to helping with the education of the children of Gouria in the very north of Cameroon. Little by little we helped them construct a school and we have continued helping them by organizing Christmas lotteries, toy fairs etc.. During these 14 years  we have built 9 classrooms, brought electricity to the village, dug a well to provide clean water all year round and organized literacy courses for adults among other projects.

During their time in Cambridge House your children will participate in our events every year,but there is another very special way you can help as a family: You can sponsor one of our children in Africa. Every year there are 35 children who need our help.

Sponsorship Programme:

This is aimed at those parents of Cambridge House who are unaware of this project and who might be interested in sponsoring a child in Africa and following their progress, watching them grow and prosper, just like your own children.

Sponsoring costs 12 euros a month and parents recieve photos and projects from your sponsored child as well as a school bulletin with information about the progress of the project, and when they are older their school reports.

Our first students from 16 years ago and the children of the families that sponsored them are now in University. We believe we have provided them with the opportunity for a better life.


Proyecto Malima