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Our Choir

‘If I cannot fly, let me sing!’

There are two choirs in the school: Primary choir (Years 3 – 6) and Secondary (Year 7 – 13).
Singing dramatically improves self-esteem, helps students to be calmer and more focused, and
improves their engagement in class. It also develops a student’s pronunciation of English, to speak
clearly, and teaches them a variety of vocabulary.
It has become a tradition of the school that the choirs perform a concert with an orchestra, in the
Palau de la Música. Students from Year 9 to Year 13 also get an opportunity to sing a solo in the
performance. For these concerts, a musical work that includes narrations, is chosen with an
environmental topic or theme. This then becomes a cross curricular activity where teachers look at
the themes and issues that are in the songs and incorporate them into their subject areas.
We want our students to have the opportunity and valuable experience of singing with an orchestra,
go through the process of preparing for a concert and then perform in an international concert hall.
It is an incredibly special evening and gives the students, their families, and friends something to
remember and to be proud of.