About us


Cambridge House Community College is a private, secular school located in Rocafort, 13 kilometres from the city of Valencia. Cambridge House was the first school in Spain to obtain both the BSO distinction (British School Overseas) and NABBS accreditation (National Association of British Schools in Spain), seals that guarantee the educational excellence of this school founded in 1986. The school is also accredited by the Valencian and Spanish Ministries of Education. At present it is considered one of the best schools in Spain.

Our history

Cambridge House was founded in 1986 by Tracy and her husband Ray, both teachers, in a small house with an excellent group of ten three year old children. Their desire: to create a school capable of offering the best of both the British and Spanish education systems. Humble beginnings, together with an innovative educational methodology, attracted the attention of parents from the very first day.

The founding values of the first British school in Valencia include perseverance, self-discipline and the necessary decision-making skills, as well as the ability to take initiative, independence, creativity and a positive attitude to life.

These values were the basis on which the school grew and developed during its first years of life, thanks to the work and effort of the entire educational community. Today, the school has more than a hundred professionals and 1,700 students between the ages of three and 18, and even today, more than 30 years after its foundation, it still receives visits from those first students and parents who will always be part of the Cambridge House family.

In September 2021 Cambridge House Community College joined Globeducate, one of the world’s most prestigious groups of international schools, with a clear mission: to prepare every student to become a citizen capable of transforming the world.