Excellence in British education


At Cambridge House we follow the English National Curriculum, while meeting the Spanish educational requirements set by the Valencian government; a unique combination that allows us to provide our students with a bilingual education from the first day of school.

We organise our classrooms in such a way as to ensure that each student receives the personalised attention they need to access all areas of the curriculum and to develop their academic potential to the full.

Our system of regular assessments allows our teachers to identify those areas in which the student is strongest, as well as those in which they may need an extra push, enabling us to tailor their learning pathway to their specific needs. Our curriculum is specially.


Governance and leadership

At Cambridge House we believe in transparent leadership, excellence in teaching and proactive support for our students. Approved by the Valencian government, recognised by the BSO (British Schools Overseas) and accredited by the NABSS (National Association of British Schools in Spain), we are subject to regular inspections to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of educational quality.

We encourage a rigorous approach to self-evaluation, in which every member of the team strives to improve, placing the needs of their students at the heart of what they do, under the umbrella of Globeducate Education Department.

The House System

At Cambridge House we follow the British educational tradition of the House System. Each and every one of our students is assigned to one of the four houses of the school: Benlliure, Blasco Ibañez, Escalante & Sorolla. Students receive merits for the house they represent, through demonstrating our school values, and for special events promoted by the school, such as Sports Day and art competitions.

There are numerous benefits of a House System in a student’s overall development: promoting teamwork and collaborative work and responsibility, developing leadership and communication skills and fostering a sense of belonging to a community.