School Life at Cambridge House


Located in Rocafort (Valencia) and founded in 1986, Cambridge House currently has complete facilities that meet the educational and co-curricular needs of the 1,700 pupils who form part of our educational community.

At Cambridge House we want all our students to enjoy their time at the school. To meet their needs and to help parents balance school and work schedules, we offer a range of family-friendly services.

The students have access to specialised classrooms for the development of specific activities, such as an art room, theatre workshop, laboratories…

In order to help make our families’ daily lives a little easier, we offer different school services to our students such as dining room, school transport…

As a British school, Pastoral Care is one such programme which seeks to address the personal, emotional, social, intellectual and moral needs of each pupil through a holistic approach.

The aim of our Educational Psychology /SEND Department is to support the learning process of our students.