School services


In order to help make our families’ daily lives a little easier, we offer the following services to our students:

The school canteen has its own kitchen managed and directed by the head chef in collaboration with his team and the school nurse, following in all cases the guidelines indicated in the AERCOV guide and the PERSEO programme. We prepare healthy, varied and balanced menus promoting foods from the Mediterranean diet as well as aspects and recipes from different geographical areas of the country and sometimes even from other cultures. We also manage food allergies and intolerances with dishes adapted to each specific case.

The school canteen is organised so that healthy eating habits are acquired on a daily basis and the rules for an optimal diet and nutrition throughout life are learnt in a practical way. The responsibility of the canteen service is therefore not only to provide tasty, safe and nutritionally adequate food, but also to assist in the acquisition of correct eating habits. A varied diet will result in a balanced diet, fulfilling healthy nutritional requirements.

School year menus

Alicia Ricardo Diez is our Registered Nurse. Her professional career began in 1991 with the Policlinica organization, She worked in various hospitals in Valencia, continuing with her training by doing various courses such as the Soporte Vital Avanzado, the C.A.P.,etc.

Currently as you know She is committed to attending your children during the school year. She supervise the menus of those children who require a specific diet, dealing with injuries derived from the small accidents that occur in school, and in general resolving all the social-sanitary problems that may arise. If you have any doubts or questions contact her at Her timetable is from Monday to Friday from 9:00h. to 16:30h.

We are a school equipped with an automated external defibrillator

Private Medical Service

The school has a private medical service in the Centro Médico Alboraya (c/Flora, nº4 en Valencia). If a student faints during the school day a mobile medical service is called and a doctor can treat  the student in the school, thereby avoiding the stress of a hospital visit. In the case that a hospital visit is deemed necessary, parents must come for the student and take them to hospital themselves.

Servicio Médico Privado

El centro tiene un servicio médico privado en el Centro Médico Alboraya (c/Flora, nº4 en Valencia), que financia para cada alumno/a. Si el alumno se cae durante el día escolar se llama a un servicio móvil y el médico puede asistir al alumno/a en el mismo centro, evitando así el estrés innecesario de tener que trasladarse al hospital. En el caso de que el alumno debiera ir a un centro hospitalario, los padres deben de venir a por él y trasladarlo ellos mismos.

School sickbay protcols:

  1. Transferring a student to hospital in the case of emergency: If a student must be translated to a hospital for any emergency, they must always be accompanied by their parents and/or their legal guardian. In the case that they cannot be localised, a person from the school will accompany them.
  2. Illnesses: If a student suffers from any illness, allergy or is taking any medication, please get in contact with the school nurse.
  3. Alergies and/or food Intolerances: Any students who suffers from any allergy and/or any intolerance must communicate this in writing to the school nurse. If the student no longer suffers from said intolerance the school nurse also must be informed in writing so as to proceed to the normalization of the school lunch. The medical report (copia) informing about what foodstuff should not be ingested must be provided to the school. In the case of allergies the medication which needs to be taken should be brought in case in any moment some symptoms appear. This medication will be stored in the school following medicine administration protocols. If you have any doubts do not hesitate in getting in contact with the school nurse.
  4. How School insurance works:All students have fast medical assistance guaranteed for any accidents that may occur during the school day. The school works with MAPFRE who have a wide network of clinics, hospitals and doctors who can be consulted. List of medical centres: centrosMedicos. In the case of having to use it, please get in contact with the school nurse, who will have to open an accident report. Without this you wont be attended in any medical centre or clinic.
  5. Administration of medication: The Consellería de Educación y Ciencia do not allow the dispensation of medicines in schools ( it is a medical act). Therefore it is something which is to be avoided if at all possible. If, under exceptional circumstances it needs to be administered these are the following requirements:
    Requirements for the administration of medicines in school.
    1.- Copy of the medical prescription from the public doctor. In the case that the doctor is private, the prescription (or the photocopy of) must always have the child’s name, the dosis and steps to take, and very importantly the start and finish dates of the treatment.
    2.- Parental authorizacion. Download here: autorizacionMedica
    No medicine will be administered without meeting these requirements.
    Any medication that parents have bought themselves without a prescription from the child’s doctor or paediatrician can NEVER be administered.
    The Nurse’s office will take no responsibility for any medicine taken which they have not been informed about.
    ** The medication must come in the orignal container with the student’s name, surname and year. During the treatment it will remain in the school, once the treatment is finished it will be retired.
  6. Diets: For periodic diets, please send an email before 10.00h of the corresponding day to indicating:
    • Name and surname of the student
    • Year group and teacher
    • Motive (soft, strict etc.)
    • Duration

At the Club Café Cambridge, our motto is QCS (quality, cleanliness and service)

In Cambridge House we have our Coffee Club, where all our staff, students and parents can make use of our facilities in their free time.

These include free WiFi , mini library, bathrooms, baby changing service and coffee service with terrace included. Open from 8:15h to 13:00h and from 15:00h to 17:30h, we offer various breakfast options and complete brunch and evening snack service.

In the Cafe you can enjoy a great selection of pastries, toasts, teas, natural orange juices, sandwiches, soft drinks and other articles to make your stay more enjoyable.

You also have the option of celebrating your birthday with us. Parents and children can celebrate their birthday together without any worries. We will take care of everything, you just choose the theme!

A service we offer to our students from nusery to Year 6.

The playroom is only for students of Cambridge House, those from other centres cannot attend. Neither is the service available to younger brothers or sisters.

Our “Breakfast Club” with breakfast will be taking place from the 5th October 2020 in order to help parents with the early entrance at school. During the afternoon
the school will also be offering an “Afternoon Tea Club” which includes a snack.

Both groups will be following the health and safety regulations with regards to the COVID-19. It
will be obligatory to use their facemask.

Breakfast Club: Times: 7:45 a 8:45, Breakfast included and from 8:05 to 8:45 activities, craft workshops, table games and for those wanting a more relaxed morning, our cartoons in english will be available.

Price: With breakfast included 4.50€ per day. Individual days available too.

*The Breakfast club entry closes at 8:30am

Afternoon tea club: Including snack.

Times: 4:45 pm to 6:15pm
Prize: 4.50€ each hour zone.

Breakfast and afternoon snack: Milk, nesquik, juice, biscuits, cereales, sandwich, yoghurt.

To enroll for either club please email us: recepció
Any queries please contact us on 96 390 50 19

All our students, from nursery school to year 11, are obliged to wear a uniform(during their compulsory schooling period).

The use of uniform is mandatory.

It can be acquired in any branch of El Corte Inglés.

Depending on each stage our students must wear the unifrom which corresponds to this stage (this is specified in the corresponding parents book).