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Food and Nutrition


The aims of the Food and Nutrition course are to:

1, develop students understanding of nutrition and health problems associated with diet.


2, develop students understanding and awareness of how socio-economic factors affect diet.


3, develop students understanding of eating patterns and dietary needs both for people of different ages and for differing groups within society.


4, develop students awareness of how the position of the consumer differs in developed and Less-developed economies and how to assess the effectiveness and validity of claims made by advertisers.


5, encourage students to develop aesthetic and social sensitivity to dietary patterns.


6, develop students interest in the creative side and enjoyment of food and the skills necessary for food preparation and food preservation.


7, develop students food-related knowledge and skills so that they can organise and manage family resources effectively according to the needs and lifestyles of family members.


8, develop students ability to make informed judgements and choices about the use of food available to the family unit in everyday life.


9, develop students awareness of relevant mandatory and other necessary safety and hygiene requirements.


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